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My team and I work with some of the top Realtors in the country an industry that is in the category of being the most stressful jobs in America.  I have also worked with Executive and Sales Teams where I combine my 30+ years of extensive experience with teaching salespeople how to de-stress their lives to be more productive and results-oriented. 

Companies who invest in their employees see a 38% increase in productivity and revenue.  

Companies Who Invest in Their Employees:

  • Have a 6% rate of turnover compared to the national average of 38%
  • Had half the average rate of employees reporting Chronic Work Stress, 19% compared to the national average of 35%
  • Productivity increased by 30-40%

Corporate Program – BUSTIN STRESS & IGNITING JOY AT WORK with Terri Renella & Team 


PART ONE:  Two Day Assessment of Sales and/or Executive Team

Key takeaways:

  • Identify general areas where the team is getting stuck and losing momentum both as a team and as individuals and provide solutions to get them moving forward. This includes their personal and professional lives.
  • Employ strategies that get them in Productivity versus just being busy.
  • Help them work less, be more productive and achieve success in less time. 
  • Develop peak performance as a team and as individuals. 
  • Identify where Stress is coming from on a team and individual level, and recommend ways to diffuse it.
  • Methods to Build Empowering Habits.
  • Determine whether automation is hindering or helping productivity and success.
  • Develop a custom two-day workshop for the team based on the two-day assessment.
  • Delivery of a PowerPoint   Discoveries for the company to help the company better understand the team, each individual on the team and key clients 

PART TWO: TwoDay Custom Workshop “Diffusing Stress, Building More Joy/Happiness and Productivity” 

 Day One Includes exercises and discussions on:

  • Clearing blocks
  • Understanding stress and why you’re being someone you’re not 
  • Opening up to new possibilities
  • Learning to be vulnerable and authentic 
  • Discovering how to connect and align
  • Getting the Fundamentals Right to ensure your Foundation to Success

Day Two Includes exercises and discussions on:

  • The Mind-Body Connection
  • Empowering Habits
  • Faith and Trust
  • Physical Healing and preventing sickness and chronic diseases
  • Reviewing The Automation Used for Organization, CRM Systems, etc. 
  • The manifestation of New Outcomes and Results 

PART THREE: Coaching Continuation 

Bi-Weekly 30-minute Coaching calls with each team member for three months – Calls ensure continued review and learning from the workshop and keep the team on track, clearing struggles and celebrating successes.

 One Monthly 90-minute Group call with Q & A for three months

Similar to one-on-one calls, with discussions conducted as a team.

Individual Program

8 Month Program – BUSTIN STRESS/IGNITING JOY & HAPPINESS with Terri and Team
Find JOY in your life, every day.  Discover what really lights you up, and find out how stress affects your mind, body, and soul.  Loose stubborn weight, enjoy energy ALL day long, learn the top energies in your body and how to master them for a life full of love, JOY, and happiness. Plus find out how to DEFUSE stress throughout the day and night. 

Month One – Clearing and Opening Up
  • How does Stress affect your happiness
  • Learn to identify the areas in your life that need clearing
  • Is Your Past Holding You Back from Achieving Joy and happiness?
  • Free Up Your Mind, Body, and Space to Allow Energy to Flow
Month Two – Vulnerability, Blocks, and learning to Surrender
  • Identifying Stress and the Blocks in your life
  • What is vulnerability 
  • Learn True Surrender and The Art of Letting GO
  • Defusing Stress Techniques that WORK! 
Month Three – Connection and Alignment
  • Visualization 101
  • Learn to recognize good energy versus manipulation 
  • Connect and Aligning with Source
  • How Stress disconnects you from source
Month Four  – The Power of Appreciation
  • Appreciation and its power in your life
  • Starting your day with Appreciation 
  • How you can change anything in your life with love and appreciation
Month Five – Faith and Trust
  • Definition of Faith
  • Definition of Trust 
  • How to use both to create Joy, Happiness and a healthy body
Month Six – The Body/Mind Connection
  • Learn how the mind and body are connected 
  • Find more Joy and Happiness by changing your thoughts and words
  • Learn how the body holds negative energy and how to release it
Month Seven – Healing Naturally
  • Nutrition, foods, and supplementations to heal your body
  • How Stress affects weight loss
  • The power of movement
  • Food is energy
Month Eight – Create & Manifest
  • Bringing it all together 
  • Living your best life
One on One Coaching sessions/30 minutes twice a month
Group Coaching Session/Once a month 60 minutes






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