MOST OF US ARE LIVING OUR LIVES IN THE PAST  – A very high percentage of individuals wake up every morning and start activating the circuits in our brains with memories related to the past.  And the memories we almost 100% of the time activate are worrisome, negative energies from the past.  These negative thoughts from the past are creating difficult emotions and patterns and are running our lives.

Everyone has a certain neurological network in the brain based on your experiences which can go all the way back to your childhood.  If you were told or shown as a child that you didn’t matter, you were not loved, you were not worth or good, you will take these emotions of unworthiness, unlovable, etc. into your adult life and these emotions will affect every area of your life.

The majority of us begin our day by thinking about past issues/problems and those emotions are making us feel unhappy and putting our bodies into the fight or flight mode. And here’s where the challenge comes in.  Most of these negative thoughts and emotions are in the subconscious which is working to run our lives 95-99% of the time. It’s a cycle and one we can’t get out of unless we do the work.  We can change the neurons in our brain by practicing new thoughts and patterns plus new activities such as:

  • Learn to love yourself and get out of the victim mode
  • Start new positive patterns
  • Start your morning by writing, meditating, reflecting on what you want your life to look and feel like, do not check your email or begin worrying first thing in the morning.
  • Develop an intention for how you want your life to be and what you want to experience. Write the intention down and repeat it multiple times a day.
  • Think new thoughts throughout the day and most important FEEL the emotions that go with your new thoughts. How do you want your future to look and how do you want to feel? 
  • Focus like a MONK!  Stay focused on the moment plus the positive feelings you want to FEEL.  The positive emotions I want to feel are JOY, LOVE, FUN, Appreciation.
  • Explore some subconscious programs like Brain Sync – my favorite.
  • Learn new things that create positive thoughts and feelings
  • Connect to a higher source. 
  • And go spread some JOY today! 

And here is a great video by Dr. Joe Dispenza to help you on your journey – or Dr. Bruce Lipton