Do you connect with “self” on a daily basis?  Or are you on autopilot?  Are you doing what really lights you up and brings you joy?  Do you find yourself waking up at night unable to fall back asleep? Like most busy professionals many of us are finding it difficult to fall asleep and or stay asleep at night.  We wake up and stay awake because our mind is racing and we are processing thoughts about family, our job, health or an upsetting event that happened earlier that day.  And we typically go into worse case future scenario, our minds imagining something that doesn’t exist.

These type of negative thoughts manufactures corresponding chemicals in the brain that signal the body to feel emotional.   Once we feel these emotions like frustration, judgment, fear or anger we think more thoughts equal to self-limiting emotions.  This happens over and over and our body eventually becomes addicted to these emotional states and thus becomes addicted to the hormones of stress.  And this is how stress can over time build up in your body.  Until one day your body gives out. Today 50 percent of Americans are now living with a chronic disease like cancer, diabetes or heart disease typically brought on by stress.

About a year ago, as I was coming out of a three-year cancer journey I began to date a wonderful man.  We were great together and it seemed he was exactly what I wanted in a partner.  Kind, caring, loving and handsome!  He had been in the Army for 25 years but had left the Army as a high ranking officer in 2002, 15 years before we met.  He served in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and many other dangerous places.  He was almost killed many times and saw a lot of death.  He came out of the Army with PTSD and did not get help until about six months before we met.  He was always stressed and work was a 24/7 ordeal for him, he could not let go.  He would often look at me and say, “wow you are right here in the moment, I can’t do that, I am always worried about the future and all the what ifs.”  His body and mind were almost always in fight or flight mode, it’s all he had known for so many years. Unfortunately, we stopped seeing each other. It felt like we were in two different realities.

How do we connect with self, change up our minds and how emotions are affecting our bodies? Practicing both meditation and yoga are excellent ways.   Meditation is one way to connect with self.  Plus there is now scientific proof that meditating on a regular basis can change your mind which changes up the body as well.  The results of a study at Harvard Medical School showed that just two months of regular meditation practice completely rebuild the human brain. For instance, through meditation practice, we can enter the subconscious and change our unwanted programs.  The subconscious is the brain’s operating system. By dropping into the operating system of the brain, we can alter habits, behaviors and remove emotional scars. Our thoughts and actions actually change the chemical composition of the brain.

When we practice deep, slow breathing as we are taught in meditation and yoga, we relax our muscles, think positive thoughts and rewire the brain.  Yoga and meditation help transform your mind and body.  A stressed mind equals tight muscles plus negative and anxious thoughts. A calm mind equals relaxed muscles plus happy and uplifting thoughts.  And there is now plenty of science to back this up.  Yoga is all about taking what we learn on the mat, deep breathing, softening muscles, clearing the mind, and enjoying being in the present moment.  Studies have found these techniques break bad habits, eliminate negativity, and diminish stress

Its time to ask yourself, are you chemically addicted to stress? Are you getting sick a lot? Feeling tired and unmotivated?  Do you want your body to one day give out on you which typically equates to developing some type of chronic disease like cancer, diabetes or heart disease?   Americans are working so hard to accumulate stuff thinking one day I will relax and enjoy life.  And so many end up sick and unable to live life to the fullest.

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Photo by: Sammi Conley
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