I inspire JOY and a HAPPY, HEALTHY BODY AND LIFE. I went through a challenging cancer journey. I was able to eliminate #Cancer from my body and I am now living a healthy, joyful life. Through the roughest part of my #cancer journey, I was isolated and alone a lot of the time. The following came out of my aloneness:

We all need someone in our life. I believe people who say you should want someone but never “need” them have it all wrong. This attitude is keeping us, especially single people, isolated and disconnected.

We all need someone, a partner or teammate, someone who is in our corner. Someone who will always have our back no matter what life throws at us.

We all need someone who will wholeheartedly accept us exactly as we are; warts and all. And that means every inch of us, the good, the bad, the crazy at times, the silly, and the whole unique person we are.

We all need someone who will love us unconditionally and not feel the need to change us. Someone who will give their all to us, allowing us to give our all and best to them.

We all need epic, messy, crazy, laugh until your belly hurts, cry through the beautiful and rough moments…love. We all need someone with whom to hold hands, love and pray, and stand united through thick and thin.

We all need to feel a sense of belonging, even if it’s just with one person. We all need someone who makes us feel authentic, safe, vulnerable, loved, passionate, free, cherished, respected and alive.

We all need someone because love conquers all.