“You my friend are a sleeping giant.” Dr. Dain Heer.

We all are and how easily we forget our magic. The past couple of weeks have been so magical for me. My radio interview was so much fun, “Being Young at Any Age with George Bentley.  We talked about Stress and how it causes chronic diseases, especially cancer.  We also discussed being your own advocate when you have cancer.  Being my own advocate saved my life and while I believe there are wonderful advancements in medicine around cancer oncologists do not know everything.  And how I now find JOY in every moment of every day.

And a couple of days later I attended a wonderful real estate conference with some of the most successful and beautiful, caring realtors from all over the country,  REV.  I got to see old friends who I admire and love, and present my story STRESS, CHRONIC DISEASES AND FINDING YOUR JOY to a crowded room where I received a standing ovation,  thank you, Patrick Vernon Lilly.  

We are all magic if only we would embrace not just our magic but also the love, joy, and capability for creating miracles.   Go make some magic folks and #SparkJOY