For All The Overachievers In This World

50% of Americans are living with a CHRONIC DISEASE caused by STRESS. I almost lost my life to CANCER and now I INSPIRE JOY and a HAPPY, HEALTHY Life and Body.

Terrilyn Renella

Executive Sales Leader  |  Cancer Thriver  | Joy Sparker/Life Changer /Motivational Speaker





How I almost Died – I am a CANCER THRIVER – The third time cancer came back I found myself in an ICU Unit on a Ventilator with large tumors on the side of my face. The surgical oncologist that was brought in to treat me wanted to literally cut off the left side of my face.  At this point, I had been fighting cancer for two years and had met with over 10 oncologists all over the country. The majority of people trust doctors and would have gone through with the surgery.  If I had made it through the series of surgeries, I would have been deformed, on a feeding tube for life and my smile would have been gone. Not a life I wanted to live and I knew there was a better way.

My Professional Life – I am a  former corporate girl and have spent the past 30+ years in sales and Executive Sales Management. I have worked with and for companies such as Avaya Communications (spun off from Lucent), Microsoft, SunMicro Systems, Intel, IBM, Ryder Truck and for the past 10 years several SaaS (Software As a Service) companies. I have created, managed and led successful sales, sales support, client care, and technical support organizations both large and small. I have coached hundreds of individuals over the years resulting in both business and personal success.

My Personal Life – What truly matters. I am the mother of four wonderful kids, mostly grown and seven grandchildren. In 2013 I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer which came back three times and almost took my life. I was working 70-80 hours a week, was not exercising on a regular basis, traveled a lot, was stressed 80% of the time and lived in fear…….fear of financial loss, fear of being alone, fear of losing everything including my health.

Finding the Right Solutions – I became my own advocate, plus I had unrelenting faith and started to research every option possible.  And I didn’t have a lot of time, the tumors were getting larger every day.  By combining medical with other modalities I was not only able to get rid of cancer which never spread even though it was extremely aggressive, but I was also able to come out of this cancer journey healthier than I have ever been with more strength and energy plus I am now leading a life full of joy and happiness.

Don’t Become a Statistic –  I can work with you to provide excellent health results and show you more joy, playfulness, and balance in your life. Becoming healthy whether you have a life-threatening disease or just need to lose weight, regain your energy and lead a balanced life requires a multi-prong approach.  It requires healing not just your body, but also your mind, and spirit, especially if you want long-term results that will last a lifetime and not just a quick fix.

Joy is contagious…have you caught yours?